With a nuanced understanding of what drives your audience to book or buy, the words we write at GG Copywriting are never just words. They’re hard-working sales tools that attract your dream clients and convert quality leads—so you can build a thriving business and a lasting legacy. (It’s a lot of pressure to put on words, I know—but I'm confident they can handle it.)

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A sampling of My sharpest words

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Visit Katharine Phillips

Website copy and voice development—with project management by TAYLRD Media & Designs and web design by Davey & Krista

“Hiring Gillian and Tayler is a must! They asked the right questions to really pull out the true spirit of my voice and wrote website copy that helps not only my audience understand the value of my work but me as well! In some of the writing, I was shocked by the little nuances they picked up on. It made me feel so incredibly special and helped me feel more excited about the work I do.”

from katharine Phillips:

“I believe in the power of intimate moments and unexpected details. From a bride taking a moment to breathe before she walks down the aisle to an arrangement made from flowers native to a couple’s hometown—as a wedding designer, I know it’s so often the smallest things that make the biggest impact.”

A sampling:

Katharine Phillips Events & Design

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Visit WedSites

Website copy and voice development—with project management and content strategy by TAYLRD Media & Designs

“Timeline-building, budget-tracking, vendor-managing, to-do-reminding—meet the smart system you need to stay organized, sane, and on top of your wedding-planning game.”

“The intuitive wedding planning tools you need for an empowered, effortless process.”

A sampling:

WedSites Australia

Visit Ameliorate

Brand Voice & Messaging Guide and website copy—with project management by Anna Swonetz and website design by Jamie Cat Creative

“Gillian makes me look good, is amazing to work with and I think that she’s either a mind reader or a magical mystical creature! Either way, I cannot recommend working with her enough! Stop trying to write your own words people and just hire her already. I promise you will be blown away!”

from anna Swonetz:

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“A high-vibe community sharing easy-to-implement techniques for an empowered everyday life.”

“Welcome to Ameliorate, a conscious community for the playful, curious, willing, and ready to grow. If you’re seeking tools and techniques to help you lead a more tranquil, tapped-in life—you’ve come to the right place. We can’t wait to dig deep with you. Begin your journey today.”

A sampling:

Ameliorate Your Life

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Visit Tanya Menoni

Complete website copy—with project management and content strategy by TAYLRD Media & Designs

“Inherently emotive images that prove masterful and meaningful can coexist.”

“From intimate gatherings to the most ambitious of weddings—no matter the moment at hand, I capture photos as substantive and striking as your story.”

“Wedding photography that stirs emotions and speaks volumes.”

A sampling:

Tanya Menoni Photography

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Visit Santa Maria Valley

Brand voice development, creative concepts, and website copy for a complete rebrand—with KPS3 Marketing heading the rebrand effort

“I can always count on Gillian to deliver content that fits the strategy, the brand and has her creative mark on it.”

from Rob Gaedtke:

“Simplicity: It’s in our dirt, our food, our way of life. Our agenda isn’t hidden—it’s nonexistent. It prefers sunset strolls over relentless rush hours and tri-tips over tapas. It picks berries barefoot and sips Cab in weathered jeans. What others call ‘farm to table’, it simply calls food. It’s a steady stream, not a fleeting flood. It’s not fast or fancy. It’s Santa Maria Valley.”

A sampling:

Santa Maria Valley

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Visit Henderson Weddings

Website copy and voice development, with project management by TAYLRD Media & Designs

“Within a week of having the copy on my website, I had booked a new client! What felt like a daunting task, to try to get the world to know what makes your business stand out with a few short lines of text, these ladies were able to deliver flawlessly”

from Taylor Henderson:

“As good as a planning partner gets: Calm, collected, and endlessly experienced—Taylor’s portfolio is acclaimed, her approach is high-touch, and her tented New England weddings are nothing short of remarkable.”

“A soft spot for ocean views. No room for clutter: Taylor’s passion for producing experience-focused coastal weddings is rooted in her love-affair with the Maine coastline, where she grew up soaking in the salty ocean air every summer. She finds inspiration in the vibrancy of Maine in the summer and lives for the hugs she receives from couples at the end of the night.”

A sampling:

Henderson Weddings & Events

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Visit Edgewood

Website copy and voice development, with website design by Human Powered Design

“Earth’s greatest game deserves its finest setting.”

“From humble waters to boastful peaks, the great American West is a place of synergy. A place where the most unlikely of friends thrive as one, where—at once—all is roaming and all is at home.

At Edgewood Tahoe, our vision is informed by this inherent balance—and nowhere is it more apparent than on our acclaimed 18-hole course. At every turn, at every tee, with every swing, you'll feel this harmony—a balance that informs your game and one that will come to define it. With age-old pines, emerald greens, and snow-capped Sierras cutting sharp lines across the striking blue sky, Edgewood Tahoe isn't just scenic—it's iconic.”

A sampling:

Edgewood Tahoe

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Visit Red Rock Resort

Website copy for all nine of Station Casinos’ Las Vegas properties (totaling over 400 web pages when all was said and done—proving that one-woman operations tend to be pretty damn productive)

“With an unrivaled aesthetic and attention-to-detail apparent at every turn, Red Rock offers a refined resort experience—all amongst Las Vegas’ most striking setting. From award-winning accommodations to service as unwavering as the neighboring sandstone canyons, welcome to a casino experience, redefined. Welcome to Red Rock Resort.”

“Seeing red. Cue the crystals. When it comes to Las Vegas bars, none are quite as striking as our iconic Lobby Bar. Dreamy, decadent hues and shimmering Swarovski crystals come together to create a space you won’t soon want to leave—until you remember everything that’s waiting for you upstairs, that is.”

A sampling:

Red Rock Resort & Green Valley Ranch

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Visit Aisle Planner

As the associate editor for the Aisle Planner team for three years, I crafted both B2B and B2C content for the brand on a weekly basis—including everything from optimized blog posts to copy for digital ads.

“With everything from intelligent invoicing to streamlined scheduling— manage your clients, your wedding business, and your sanity with Aisle Planner. Start a free trial today.”

A sampling:

Aisle Planner

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Visit Arquiflora

Website copy and voice development—with branding and web design by Ashley Ferreira Design.

“My website is officially live and I’ve received numerous compliments on how beautifully written it is. My clients have literally told me they are hiring me because they love my story and are inspired to have one of their very own. I cry when I read my website, because I simply can not get over how spot on it is. I can officially say my website is a ‘modern love letter’.”

from karen Gómez:

“Elevating the existence of florals: I craft, compose, and preserve bridal bouquets with an architect's approach and an artist’s eye—for modern brides seeking artfully crafted flora that endures.”

“Through my signature preservation process, I turn today’s live flowers into a still-life composition designed to inspire generations of matrimony and share rich family history for decades to come.”

A sampling:

Arquiflora Floral Bouquet Preservation

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Visit Ashley Ferreira Design

Website copy and voice development—with branding and web design by Ashley Ferreira Design.

“This has been the best investment I’ve ever made for my business. I went from feeling like my words were ‘ok’ to feeling more than confident that my website words are working for my business in the best way possible. It sounds like me, it accomplishes all the goals I was hoping to achieve, and so much more.”

from ashley ferreira:

“We craft custom brands that stem from sound strategy and withstand the test of time.”

“Timeless design makes for a visual story you’ll never tire of telling—while our conversion-focused approach ensures your investment generates returns you’ll revel in.”

“From smart systems that save you precious time—to the complimentary resources we provide to help you make the most of your new brand—we’re here to skip the next ‘level up’ and instead, serve you straight from the top shelf. French 75s, anyone?”

A sampling:

Ashley Ferreira Design

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Visit Jacqueline Hallgarth Events

Website copy—with project management and content strategy by TAYLRD Media & Designs

“No matter what you’re dreaming of—or where—an effortless planning experience awaits.”

“From the storied beaches of Santorini to San Francisco’s stunning city hall—Jacqueline Hallgarth creates intimate, elevated event experiences in the world’s most picturesque locales.”

A sampling:

Jacqueline Hallgarth Events

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Visit Audere Events

Website copy and voice development—with website design by Saffron Avenue Creative

“Storytelling should be stunning: Every wedding we produce at Audere Events evokes emotion through carefully curated design details and elevated event experiences. We’ll spend time getting to know you, your aesthetic preferences, and your love story in order to craft a bespoke affair that communicates your story in an authentic—and unforgettable—way.”

A sampling:

Audere Events

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Visit NBCG

Brand voice development and website copy—with website design by TAYLRD Media & Designs

“A comprehensive approach for endless empowerment: We believe in empowering every individual to find purpose, productivity, and connection as they work to reach their potential. Our treatment paths are layered and nuanced—just like the incredible people we serve.”

“You were diagnosed. Let’s get to empowered: We know there’s no one-size-fits-all path to living a life of fulfillment and connection. Our providers work to elicit positive change and inspire patient empowerment by developing an in-depth understanding of an individual’s unique situation, strengths, and needs.”

A sampling:

Neurobehavioral Center for Growth

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Visit Ali Joy

Website copy and voice development—with project management and content strategy by TAYLRD Media & Designs

“I didn’t know how powerful words are on a website, but it’s truly remarkable how a good copywriter can elevate a brand. That’s exactly what they did for me.”

from Jenny Quicksall:

“Inspired by love stories. Hand-crafted from the heart: Fine jewelry + elevated adornments for everyday bliss, chic celebrations, and every moment in between.”

“Treat yourself to something chic. Surprise your soulmate. Accessorize all the beauties in your bride tribe. Whatever the occasion, Ali Joy pieces allow you to gift with sincerity and soul.”

A sampling:

Ali Joy Fine Jewelry

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Visit Chancey Charm

B2B website copy, landing page copy, lead magnet copy, and a 10-email sales sequence (whew), with project management and content strategy by TAYLRD Media & Designs 

“The conversions from your copy are amazing! You’re so talented!!”

from Sarah Chancey:

“Don’t reinvent the wheel—take mine. Skip the stress, save the time it takes to piece all of this together on your own, and learn from my journey instead.”

“Stop taking chances and start taking names. Now isn’t the time to shoot in the dark or spin your wheels. With the all-access Chancey Charm bundle, you gain access to a proven roadmap for building your business strategically.”

“Market like a mother: I’ve compiled my very best marketing content—the resources I personally used to help me launch 13 successful locations, several of which gross over $80k annually—into one crazy-helpful, designed-to-save-your-sanity bundle.”

A sampling:

Chancey Charm Wedding Planner Academy

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Visit The 805 Booth

Website copy and voice development, with project management and content strategy by TAYLRD Media & Designs

“Finally: a photobooth worth bowing down to (minus the cheap paper crowns): Clunky, contrived, and cumbersome are terrible wedding guests. Have security show them the door and opt for something that does your event justice instead. With custom-curated props, studio-style lighting (hello, cheekbones), and streamlined technology—it’s time to fall in fast love with the premier San Luis Obispo photobooth experience.”

“Photos your fridge will thank you for: Curated + quality props. Streamlined technology. Studio-style lighting. Go ahead, judge our booth by its photos.”

A sampling:

The 805 Booth

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Visit Lianna Marie

Website copy and voice development—with website design by Ashley Ferreira Design

"Working with Gillian was so incredibly easy! Not only was she so organized in her approach to starting this process with me, but I felt like I was being heard the whole time I talked to her. She completely blew me away with how she was able to articulate what I wanted for my website. She definitely understood me and my brand and nailed it 100%! I feel way more confident now after going through this process with Gillian! "

from Lianna Marie:

“With a love like yours and a discerning eye behind the lens, a slice in time becomes an heirloom, an image becomes an antiquity."

"I believe life exists not only in the eye-catching occasions and grand gestures, but in the spaces in between—in the simple pauses, fleeting moments, and fast glances—and I believe you deserve a fine art wedding photographer who can capture both the extraordinary and intimate with unparalleled expertise."

A sampling:

Lianna Marie Photography

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Visit Simply Chic

Website copy and voice development—with  website design by Ashley Ferreira Design

"I cried. I actually cried. It's like you were in my head and like you have known me forever. I truly can't put into words how amazing this is and how I feel (hello, exactly why I hired you in the first place right?!)! Every time I read it over again, I just get the biggest smile. You seriously put me on paper, and I am so grateful for that. I am so in love."


“Savor the splendor. Get lost in the stunning. We'll take care of the rest."

"You’re envisioning a celebration steeped in warmth, revelry, and sophistication. One that expresses your story honestly, organically, and in a way that’s impossible to forget. One that doesn’t just delight your guests—but that leaves them enveloped in absolute awe."

A sampling:

Simply Chic Events

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Visit Twinkle & Toast

Website copy and voice development—with content strategy by TAYLRD Media & Designs

"Here, we live for love stories, embrace good people, and celebrate unions of all backgrounds and beauty. Just like the couples we serve, our stationery designs are one-of-a-kind and never afraid to go against the grain with purpose and poise."

A sampling:



"The copy captured my 'why' in ways I never could. There were of course happy tears as soon as I read it all. Investing in Tayler and Gillian's services was one of the best things I've done for my business and I can't sing their praises enough."

Visit Mojave Yoga Collective

Website copy and voice development—with website design by Alisabeth Designs

“Huge shoutout to GG Copywriting for the amaze-balls copy she wrote for us. She worked her magic—if you're looking for a website update or are looking to build out a new one, this lady is who you are looking for."


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“With specialists in every arena—from restorative, prenatal, and yin yoga to pranayama and sutras—the Mojave Yoga Collective truly is a collective. You'll experience and benefit from the distinct expertise of each of our teachers—ultimately ensuring you walk away with a comprehensive education that covers every corner of this fun little thing we call yoga."

A sampling:


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Visit Ask Mike Williams

Brand voice development and website copywriting—with website design by That Branding Company

“My heart is full of gratitude. You gave me some colors to use in my writing. All I need to do now is continue building on these building blocks. I'll try my best to carry the spirit and the vibe forward."


"It's not you—it's all that stuff. You’re driven by the desire to contribute meaningful work to the world, but with emails, algorithms, and everything in between fighting for your attention—it’s easy to feel like you’re constantly working harder than you are smarter. It’s time to RSVP 'never again' to the ongoing flood —what I like to call the “party in your brain”—and say yes to a sound, simplified system that keeps you present, productive, and far more joyful."

A sampling:


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