I'm so happy you LANDED HERE—welcome.

I live to tell stories—and you have a great one.

You’re here because the idea of a freedom-filled future rang—and you didn't silence the call (looks like we have that in common). But homespun copy and high bounce rates aren’t exactly cutting it for all of that autonomy you’re dreaming about. Sound familiar?

Whether you’ve outgrown your brand voice and want to elevate your content (so you can raise your prices) or feel perpetually tongue-tied and break out in hives at the mere thought of writing about yourself (try calamine)—it’s time to put down your pencil and keep your eyes on the prize. 

Relax—I’ll put in a good word for you.


I’m an award-winning creative copywriter who spends my time bouncing between Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe—reading great books, petting good dogs, correcting poor grammar, and hammering out headline ideas in the middle of the night.

Clients have called me “a mindreader,” “a rockstar,” and, my personal favorite, “the Beyoncé of copywriting”…but you can just call me GG.

Hi, there. I’m Gillian Griffith.



I was born and raised in Las Vegas, which instilled in me a deep appreciation for beautifully offbeat stories. Whether rolling around on the floor with white tiger cubs and running around back-of-house at the casinos my mom worked at—or losing myself in a Tomie dePaola book at home—my appetite for unforgettable stories was always on overdrive. By second grade, I was working my Crayolas to the nub—jotting, sketching, and stapling my own "books" together. When home computers came around, I’d spend hours hovered over ours, pairing clever headlines with factory clipart (anyone remember Kid Pix?)—all the while having no idea what I was attempting to do was creative copywriting.





I went on to become the word-weirdo who would write or edit my peers’ papers “for fun” in high school—ultimately earning my B.A. in journalism with an emphasis in advertising and a minor in English writing from the University of Nevada. I worked in marketing for a bit and eventually found myself at a high-output agency feeling unfulfilled and overwhelmed. I couldn’t shake the calling of creative copywriting—so I took a leap of faith, left the agency, and, in the same meeting as I resigned, booked them as GG Copywriting’s first client.

Plot Twist


03. Resolution

02. Plot Twist




Along my journey, I’ve won awards, had essays published, and even once participated in a pretty amazing author reading at a mega-hip bookstore (charcuterie was involved)—but there’s no reward quite like the one I get from using my gift of gab to help small business owners and crazy-cool creatives take names, chase dreams, and build thriving businesses (and big-time bank accounts) out of their passion.



03. Resolution

02. Plot Twist


People, places, things

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The moral of MY story

I could call these MY “core values”...but where’s the fun in that?

I'm passionate about my art form and inspired by creative storytelling—but driven by deadlines, data, and deliverables. Here, it’s always no fuss, no nonsense, no micromanagement necessary.

Write well. Stay true.

You’re only as good as your word.

I was raised to always seek out the important lessons waiting in someone else’s shoes. I'm eager to read the entire story before acting—which comes in quite handy as a creative copywriter.

Understand first. Act second.

Empathy is a superpower.

I'm all about a healthy balance of nose to the grindstone and head in the clouds. I love working with passionate people who grind hard in the name of resting just as hard. (Suits and stuffiness need not apply.)

Work hard. Rest easy.

Grind for what’s good.

With nearly-decade-long roots in the world of consulting for wedding pros and creatives, Tayler is the much-needed marketing yin to a creative copywriter’s yang. As the co-founder of Sourced Co., the brilliant brains behind TAYLRD, and the former marketing director at Aisle Planner, she brings an unparalleled understanding of high-impact marketing strategies to the table.

Before your project ever makes its way to our founder’s desk for copywriting, it’s been run through the marketing machine that is Tayler’s bright mind as she develops strategic outlines and expert search plans to ensure you’re seen and signed by your dream clients.

An avid rock climber who takes names on her way to the top and shatters glass ceilings once she gets there.

Have you met Tayler?

Content Strategist. Marketing Consultant. Search Specialist.

What’s the sound coming from the laundry room? And who in the world is at the door? Whatever your problem, Truckee will fixate on finding an answer (even if you never asked him to).



Whether paddleboarding at Lake Tahoe or hiking in the snowy Sierras, there’s no environment he can’t handle and no stick he won’t chase.



A true pack animal, T wants everyone around him to succeed—he believes there are always enough bones to go around.



A dedicated digger, Truckee will get to the bottom of it—no matter what “it” is. He’s particularly relentless about pursuing cottontails, tennis balls, and late-to-pay clients.



Gives the best wake-up calls. Shows the birds who’s boss.

Say hi to Truckee, the GG Copywriting office dog.

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