If you’re ready to ditch DIY copy and stale content that doesn’t speak to the caliber of work you produce, you’ve arrived in the right place. I'm here to elevate your voice—and the quality of leads your brand attracts—with always-expert, engaging-as-ever, crafted-to-convert content.

You deserve words worthy of your work.

Expert Copywriting Services for too–busy–for–words brand builders

I dive deep into your questionnaire answers (I'm talking, “14 hours alone in a room with a highlighter” deep) before I let my fingers loose and do the thing I love most: write, rewrite, and refine. When your content is ready, I’ll share a draft via Google Docs for easy collaboration.

Fine Craftsmanship

We’ll send over a custom quote and contract, firm up a deadline for delivery, and collect a 50% deposit to secure your spot before passing along your homework: an insightful questionnaire that unearths everything we need to know to write effectively on behalf of your brand.

Clear Communication

We'll start with a good ol’ fashioned phone call to get a feel for your business goals, content needs, and sales struggles in order to learn how we can best support you through our copywriting services. (We’re also open to talking Italian food, mountain adventures, and/or stationery shops.)

Good Conversation

Let's unearth and explore

The Experience

the results

Unlike that one pair of jeans or the keto diet, our copy has longevity. It works hard for you on a daily basis while you get back to the “life” part of that work-life balance and finally check “amazing content” off your to-do list.


We take your natural voice, elevate it to the max, and write copy that doesn’t just sound like your best self, but sells like her, too. With proven strategy, clear calls to action, and an intentional approach informed by nine years of experience—our words aren’t just pretty; they perform.


Our copy is centered around one thing: the benefit your client is seeking and how you deliver it in a way no one else can. We focus on your client’s wants, worries, and wishes as we craft an engaging story that positions your brand as the hero who can swoop in and solve them all (hey, cool cape).


Time for a toast!

The Results

the experience

Whether you’re paralyzed at the thought of writing your own website copy—or your attempts have led to off-brand budget shoppers and high bounce rates—it’s time to graduate to the big leagues and invest in custom copywriting that earns its keep. Writing for web is its own distinct language—and one we’re fluent in (parlez-vous SEO?). Let’s get you the content you need to turn your website into an active sales tool that books leads on your behalf (while you’re popping bubbly in the background).

Website Copywriting Packages


NO. 1


3 Website Pages

This package helps you ensure all of your heavy-hitting web pages (home, about, and services/experience) are singing to your dream clients and speaking to the Google gods while they’re at it. You also have the option to add on short bits of copy for those "cherry on top" pages (contact, portfolio, etc.) for an additional $200 per.


4 Website Pages

For brand builders who want a consistent voice and effective optimization across their entire site (I see you, smartie pants)—our 4-page website copywriting package ensures every page of your website is poised to bring you the kind of leads you love. If you’re a “If you’re gonna do it, do it right” person—this one is all you.

Also known as the “What else do ya got?”

Custom Packages

Not fitting into our boxes? That’s cool—we’ll build you something a little more your speed and style. This is an ideal option if you want longer (or shorter) word counts, or if you need more than four pages of copy. (3-page minimum required to book.)


Every website copywriting project includes…..



A complimentary consultation call to dig into your goals and challenges

A crazy-effective questionnaire that helps us write copy that sounds—and sells—like your best self

SEO research and keywords

A content strategy to attract your ideal clientele while filtering out leads who aren’t a right fit

Optimized copy delivered in a color-coded, crazy-organized Google Doc

SEO titles and meta descriptions for each page in your project

One round of revisions to ensure your copy is so damn good you do a happy dance every time you read it

A streamlined process that’s rooted in efficiency and trust (because you have better things to do than micromanage your copywriter)


I’m a words woman through and through—but numbers never lie.


of clients surveyed said they feel more confident as a business owner after receiving their new copy


of clients surveyed said they feel more confident about their brand voice after receiving their new copy


of clients surveyed said they have been getting better quality leads after implementing their new copy


of clients surveyed said they thought we provided more value than they expected


of clients surveyed said they would have paid even more for our services than they did

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Make it a double? Add Tayler, our brilliant content strategist, to the call for a total of $400

Designed for those who are going the DIY website copywriting route but need a bit of backup—my one-hour creative copywriting consultation call gives you access to expert content-creation advice and ensures you’re headed in the right direction. I’ll answer your most pressing copy questions, talk content strategy, and serve up hidden-gem copywriting tips based on your distinct audience, web design, and brand goals.

$250 for a one-hour custom copywriting consultation call

Writing your own website copy? Let’s send you off with strategy.

You need to churn out engaging, optimized content on a consistent basis to drive eyes to your website—but creating it on your own is overwhelming and unrealistic. My blog copywriting packages offer a high-impact, low-stress solution for staying on top of your blogging game. (Low-key considered calling this one my "Content in the bank. Shawty, what you drank?" package.)

> 3 posts, up to 500 words each | $900
> 3 posts, up to 1,000 words each | $1,650
> 6 posts, up to 500 words each | $1,800
> 6 posts, up to 1,000 words each | $3,300

Blog Copywriting & Content

NO. 2

> Lead magnet up to 500 words | $1,250
> Lead magnet up to 1,000 words | $2,250 
>  Landing page up to 500 words | $1,500

> Emails up to 200 words | $425 each
> Emails up to 300 words | $485 each
*Minimum of three emails required to book

Onboarding and nurturing and upselling—oh my!

Whether your goal is to develop a killer lead magnet that builds your subscriber list and allows you to start selling the heck out of your services—or an email funnel designed to nurture and convert—I'm here to write the hard-working sales-funnel content you know you need to develop (but have been putting off for way too long). Let's finally get this one off your back-burner and hit their inbox—and your bank account—with the good stuff.


NO. 3

Spirited, sophisticated, or a bit of both—I’ll help you hone a brand voice that resonates with your ideal clientele—and develop messaging designed to move them to meaningful action. My Brand Voice & Messaging guides define your brand voice, outline your brand pillars, give you practical advice for speaking to your audience, and are chock-full of copy samples to pull from time and time again. Because, reduce, reuse, recycle—amiright?

> Brand Voice & Messaging Guides begin at $1,950
> Brand Identity Basics (mission, vision, values, core differentiators): $750

Brand Voice Development & Brand Messaging

NO. 4

-Victoria Ann Events

Working with Gillian and Tayler was the best money I have ever spent on my business. I have already received inquiries from couples who told me they filled out my form because they felt like I was talking straight to them. I don’t think you can put a price tag on anything like that!

-Lauren O’Brien, Lauren O & Co.

I've booked two new clients who both referred back to the copy on my website and noted how much they enjoyed it—it's only been two weeks, y'all! I can't thank you enough, GG.


This has been the best investment I've ever made for my business! Gillian went above and beyond and delivered results that have undoubtedly led to transforming unaligned leads into dream client bookings.

-CJ Isaac, Charlie Juliet Photography

It's truly everything I dreamed of and more, and now I am itching to find other pieces for you guys to write just so I can have more lovely copy surrounding me.

-Karen Sieger, Blissfully Styled Events

The girls at GG Copywriting are amazing! The process was so easy and in very little time, I had fabulous copy for our website that has converted to many qualified leads and a better level of clientele for us.

-Michelle Whitley, Michelle Whitley Photography

The copy you wrote blew everything else out of the water, and I have actually been able to improve the way I write my own copy on social media after you helped me!

-Rachelle Dominguez, Radiant Love Events

Everything I’ve ever wanted to put into words is finally here because of you two. I’m getting teary eyed. I’m speechless. All I can say is wow.

-Karen Gomez, Arquiflora

My website is officially live and I've received numerous compliments on how beautifully written it is. My clients have literally told me they are hiring me because they love my story.

-Samantha, To Be Loved Events

After implementing my new home page and about page copy from Tayler and Gillian, I feel so much more confident in my business as a whole and how I am presenting myself online.

That’s a great question.

I knew you were bright.

In our experience, working from someone else’s copy and attempting to finesse it into the caliber of content you deserve takes just as long—and isn’t nearly as effective—as starting with a fresh foundation. For this reason, we don’t offer copy refreshes. We are happy, however, to lend our honed editor’s eye to documents or presentations that need a once-over for errors for our proofreading rate of $150 per hour.

Can you do a refresh from existing copy—and are prices lower if you do?

Hiring an experienced creative copywriter ensures your words aren’t passive freeloaders, but rather, hard-working sales tools that turn curious visitors into convinced clients who see the value in your services. Investing in professional copy sparks the right kind of sales and frees you up to focus on the things you love most.

TLDR: Dollar-sign eyes emoji. Beach emoji.

Why should I invest in professional copywriting?

The number-one thing we bring to the table (aside from a killer collection of vintage typewriters)? A deep understanding of consumer psychology and a passion for crafting conversion-focused content that moves your audience to action. We don’t just elevate your voice and deliver polished, packed-with personality content (that part is a given)—we work to understand your business goals and then write copy that plays a huge part in helping you achieve them.

Why choose GG Copywriting instead of someone else?

It doesn’t! You can either start with copywriting first, and build your website design around your copy—or start with design first, and have us write your copy to fit your design or specific page layouts. We also have a list of talented web designers we work with regularly should you need recommendations.

Does my web design need to be complete before I hire you?

No, sir. (See what we did there?) While a large segment of our clientele is female—we’re less concerned with gender and more concerned with style and substance. Are you passionate? Kind? Inclusive? Respectful? Easy to work with? Do you like piña coladas...and getting caught in the rain?

TLDR: We work with cool people doing good work.

Do you only write for feminine brands?

After your initial discovery call, you’ll receive a quote based on your needs. All projects require a 50% deposit up-front to secure your spot, with remaining payment due upon receipt of copy. You’ll receive a link to an invoice you can easily pay online.

How does payment work?

Our founder has extensive experience working with award-winning ad agencies as their go-to remote freelance copywriter. She is no stranger to producing on-brief copy for big-name clients, working well with account managers, and brainstorming with creative teams. If you’re an agency seeking a reliable contract copywriter, we just might be able to help.


Absolutely! Our goal is always to get you the most bang for your buck—or, should we say?—conversions for your cash. After our initial call—where we’ll dig deep into your challenges, goals, and target market—we’ll recommend what package we believe best suits you.

I saw your website copywriting packages are based on pagES, but I’m not sure how many I should go for. Can you help?

These are our most popular services—but we occasionally take on other creative copywriting projects (writing digital ad campaigns, writing presentations and speeches, etc.) when our bandwidth allows. If you have something in mind that isn’t listed here, reach out and we’ll see if we’re a right fit for your needs. (We don’t like coloring in the lines either.)

Do you only offer the services listed on this page?

Our simple-yet-high-impact client questionnaires allow us to dig deep, without overwhelming you with tons of tedious homework. We ask important questions that unearth the heart of your dream clients' pain points, desires, and drivers—along with questions that help us understand your preferences, pet-peeves, and precisely how you want to sound.


That’s what we do best! Our founder’s journalism training allows her to listen with an intentional ear, mine for gems meticulously, and draw compelling stories from seemingly small bits of information. She spends days going over your intake questionnaire with a highlighter in her hand and a honed eye for telling tidbits others tend to overlook. “Blood from a stone” is the name of her game.

I’m not great with articulating how I want to sound and the things that set my brand apart. (That’s why I need you!) Can you still get my story across?

Our humble creative copywriting team includes myself (I’m GG!) and our talented content strategist, Tayler. Tayler handles intake and develops a sound SEO plan and content strategy based on your distinct needs, and then passes that foundation along to me for copywriting. Your copy is always written by me and only me as our founder and senior scribe—I never subcontract other copywriters to work on your project.

How many people are on your team?

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